To assure that MMI complies with all laws & regulations in its all location(s) were including those laws and regulations in relation to:
Wages & hours i.e. 48 hours/week
Freedom of Association & collective bargaining
Maximum age for employment & related restrictions i.e. 18 years
Health & Safety i.e. hazard free workplace
Environmental Standards & Compliance i.e. PEPA 1997
General Labor Laws
Relevant International Trade Law
Drug enforcement


The description of applicable laws & regulations is as under:
The Factories Act 1934
Workers Compensation Act 1923
Employees Social Security Ordinance 1965
Employees Old Age Benefits Act 1976
Standing Order Ordinance 1968
Constitution of Pakistan
Custom Act 1969
Environmental Protection Act 1997

Primary: Manager Admin to implement the purposeful policy.
Secondary: Asst. Manager Admin Coordinator to monitor implementation.
Tertiary: Operation Manager to validate the effectiveness of Corrective & Preventive Actions if occurs.
Manager Admin updates the purposeful policy and manual for all changes in laws & regulations related to Labor Practices, Factory Conditions, Environmental and Customs Compliances. Such changes are incorporated in documents. In coordination with AM Admin, Manager Admin & HR arranges to update current applicable laws & practices which deemed necessary to be fulfilled in the factory. Similarly laws of importing country


To assure that MMI:

  • Doesn’t use involuntary or forced labor-indenture, bonded or otherwise.
  • Prohibits all relevant from coercing or threatening employees anyway, or unnecessarily/ unlawfully limiting employees’ freedom of movement

The description of applicable laws & regulations is as under:

Bonded Labor System Abolition Act 1992
Pakistan Standing Order 1968


Primary: Manager Admin reviews & maintains employment applications / contracts. PERSON Secondary: HR to monitor the employee during and after the probation period.
Tertiary: CE to take Corrective & Preventive Actions in due course if such situation becomes true.


Manager Admin maintains employment applications/contracts including a signed statement, firming that applicant/nominees are seeking employment voluntarily and/or not under threat of any plenty or undue influence. CE orders the Account Officer to issue compensation directly to employees or their bank accounts operated solely by the employee, and not to 3rd party. Moreover, it is assured by Cashier that employee wages are not paid to:

  • Agent or brokers
  • Bond Company
  • Government Officials
  • Common Bank Accounts
  • Other relative parties

Mngr. Admin maintains services agreement with Security Guards in accordance with their well defined JIDs (Job Instructions & Descriptions) to normal security matters such as the protection of property or personal security. HR provides effective training to all concerned individuals on purposeful policies & procedural manuals that prohibit involuntary or forced labour. He maintains INTER (Training Need Identification & Records,) to keep the records of training sessions & training.

To assure that Mubeen Maqbool Industries:
Doesn’t hire any employee under the age of 18, the age interfering compulsory schooling or the minimum age established by local law, whichever is greater.

The description of applicable laws & regulations is as under the Employment of Children Act 1991

Primary: Manager Admin scrutinizes all applications for employment / PERSON to assure the age of Nominee is not less than 18.
Secondary: Operation Manager to compare applicant/nominee’s appearance to asserted and written age.
Tertiary: HR to monitor (on a quarterly basis) the records of PERSON and employees on the shop floor in contrary that there is no employ less than 18.

Mgr. HRC collects & retains documented proof (attested by gazetted officer/union counsellor or Nazim) of age from all potential worker/employees prior to hiring:
National Identity Card